To upload content to camsclip.one you have to follow a few rules.

1. any uploaded clip must not have more than 100mb. Any clip larger than 100mb will receive an upload error.
2. The video must not contain a large watermark. A small one in a corner is accepted. Any clip that has a large watermark will be deleted. it is recommended to be without watermark.
3. only one short url is accepted, namely sld.one. Any post that contains another short url will be deleted.

Extra accepted services:

sld.one - short url

sfo24.com - share files online

more services will come.

On camsclip.net you can post content to promote yourself or your favorite model and besides all this you can also earn money.

Camsclip.net is not an adult tube site but is a presentation site for adult or non-adult models.

The more beautiful and attractive your presentation is, the more successful the model presented by you is.

If you want a clip with the model you promoted to appear on our youtube channel, facebook, tiktok, reddit, you must offer us a clip of maximum 3 minutes non-adult and be unique.

We do not guarantee that all requests for publication on our social media channels will be published.

If you want priority when publishing on social channels and the guarantee that it will be published, you can pay a fee of 5 euros.

How to make money with Camsclip.net?

1. Post quality content that is not on other sites
2. Choose an attractive title that is unique and attracts the interest of those who search the net
3. Choose a very good representative image
4. Write a good description and a good presentation text

The more visits your content receives, the more you earn.

Camsclip.net is a good way to present models from the adult and non-adult environment and gain from several sources.

The first source of income is the referral / affiliates. CamsClip allows you to post your own affiliate / referral link

The second source of income is from the visits received to the content posted by you.

Camsclip.net is the easiest online source of income plus professional presentation.

How can you start posting content on camsclip?

1. you make an account
2. wait for the approval of the account and the activation of the income generation system
3. post content as I explained above
4. when you reach the minimum payment, you request payment and in maximum 5 days you will receive payment
5. At the moment the payment is made only by paypal

Where do I promote the content posted on the camsclip?

Wherever you have access or you can create an account.
Social media
Comments on very popular posts on social media

You have 5 types of posts on camsclip. Choose the one that is closest to your needs. Each method has its own rules and sets for publishing.

Where I put affiliate / referral links

Do not post affiliate / referral link in the text because there is a special location for it.
It is understood that only one affiliate / referral link is accepted per post.

The category I want to post does not exist. what I do?
If the category does not exist, then choose an appropriate one or the one with the name General. Upon approval, a moderator will change or not the category.

As far as possible the tag should be unique or long tail.

For other collaborations please contact us.