Nonconformist method of helping girls in Ukraine

Nonconformist method of helping girls in Ukraine. Help, regardless of its form, is still help.

Nonconformist method of helping girls in Ukraine

During the war, regardless of the era, our girls kept their morale up and sometimes even won the war. As almost 8/10 wars have started because of them, it's completely different.

Everyone is eager to help the Ukraine, but the money is sent to NGOs, state institutions and other big, bottomless mouths. My opinion is, if you want to reach someone, then you can do it directly to the person who needs it.

Below I leave you some links from the most popular sites where there are girls and boys from Ukraine where you can help them as much as your heart allows. This way you know that the amount sent reaches them.

I think that help regardless of form is also help if you really want it.

The difference with the rest of the help systems is that you get something in return and who knows maybe  even make a friendship.

As you can see, this is the least popular way to say it, but it is effective if you really want to get there.

Many girls today do video chat. Below you have a link to the most popular video chat sites and it will only show girls or men from Ukraine.

1. chaturbate

2. Bonga - here at this time I did not find active Ukrainian models. Go to the site and then search for the ones that are online.

3. livejasmin - Access the site, on the left you have the tag section and then write ukraine

Other methods of assistance.

Official crypto wallets of Ukraine

BTC - bc1qypu045qljhm9erl4qasy28yaw23t4a7hfu97en

XMR - 451tP9ho9cDapAtkicypd1c85P1hyxzU4WbALobEoYsaGZHpbg56mBU3zT5LPGS6suZQMvEWc6yAtNNdz5rX36rpLUKAW8U

Be very careful when you click and paste the address, especially if you have extensions installed in the browser.